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At Invigorate, we believe that life is too short for pain that holds you back. Our goal is to help you feel your absolute best so you can be your absolute best. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior or an active grandparent, everyone struggles with their body holding them back sometimes. The good news is there is a natural alternative to pills, surgeries and expensive treatments. Cryotherapy uses the time tested, simple concept of cold therapy to reduce inflammation - the root cause of many of today's pains and ailments.

SUP Cryotherapy
Active Aging Cryotherapy

Our Why

We want to live up to our name. We believe that life is short and no one should miss out on experiences they long for. We exist to help others forge a new path to wellness and fulfillment.

Invigorate. \in-ˈvi-gəˌrāt\v. –
To give life or energy to someone. To cause someone to be more active or lively.

Everybody experiences some level of pain and soreness and many people are short on time. Cryotherapy makes sense for people looking to feel better faster without losing hours in the week. Be in and out in 15 minutes and get on the with the rest of your day. No matter what your goals are, Invigorate can help you reach them.

Our clients tell us their favorite benefits are:

  • fewer aches and pains from injury or arthritis
  • quicker recovery from hard workouts
  • reduced inflammations
  • better sleep
  • more energy and vitality


Walked in on Sunday with no appointment. Kelly was very nice and got me set up right away. As it was my first session, she made me feel very comfortable with the experience and answered all my questions. I went to see if a session would help with my knee and by the next day it felt the best it had in weeks. Will definitely be going back for more sessions. I would highly recommend Invigorate Cryotherapy for anyone looking have their whole body feel improved from even just one session.

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